Obama Killed A Fly! WHO GIVES A SH*T?

mr-miyagiSorry to be so crass, but  it’s like an issue of Star Magazine when they make a big deal about Brad’s new shoes. WHO GIVES A SH*T! In case you haven’t been forwarded the viral video, or haven’t seen the pile of headlines raping the worldwide news sites (AP: “Barack Obama: The human flyswatter,” Canadian Press, NY Daily News, and also TV Personalities Bill Maher, John Stewart, Conan O’Brien and Jimmy Fallon )….check out the video on YouTube. According to ViralVideoChart.com, the video has received over 3.2 million views across the internet since it’s debut on June 16th during a CNBC interview.

Just Curious…Who DOES give a sh*t?

I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t try and find a few internet idiots who actually cared, and in some cases, were actually OFFENDED?! That’s right! I now present to you EXHIBIT A: PETA miffed at President Obama’s fly “execution”. If it was a bird or a dog, I’d understand, but this was a FLY! Nearly everyone has killed an annoying insect quickly without thinking. “Believe it or not, we’ve actually been contacted by multiple media outlets wanting to know PETA’s official response to the executive insect execution. In a nutshell, our position is this: He isn’t the Buddha, he’s a human being, and human beings have a long way to go before they think before they act.” And the best part?…The group has sent Obama a device that traps a fly so it can then be released outside.

You think that was bad? Now for EXHIBIT B: Obama kills fly, Obama kills Iranians: Do we need to stop and think before acting?. They agree PETA was a bit extreme, “However, when killing people and invading other countries, some serious thought is required.” Wait…did they just compare him killing a fly to killing people? They continue on…

“Obama is just like the previous US Presidents. He has enormous power. [..] Obama could stop our needless killing and causing of great suffering just as quickly. But he hasn’t done that. He’s behaving just like he did with the fly, acting without considering the consequences of his actions. He’s only human, but he has chosen to take on a position of great power.”

Wow! All that from Obama killing a fly. That take a good amount of imagination. Who thinks of this garbage? At least some people have a sense of humor. Jimmy Fallon remarked “That’s some pretty impressive hand-eye coordination right there. Makes Obama look like a bad ass.” AMEN BROTHER! I guess Mr. Miyagi would be very proud of Obama. Speaking of witch, here’s the famous Ninja re-mix of the legendary “FlyKill”:

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Obama Town Hall: What’s Really On People’s Minds?…MARIJUANA

As found on the White House Website, “The White House is open for questions”.

In yet another tech-savvy move by President Obama, WhiteHouse.gov is once again asking the public to pose questions directly to President Obama via its ‘Open For Questions‘ service. The topic of this week’s forum is the national economy. 61,671 people have submitted 64,654 questions and cast 2,456,511 votes, and  the most popular questions for 3 of the 11 categories are all about the Legalization and Taxation of Marijuana. Here are a few examples:

Green Jobs & Energy: “Will you consider decriminalizing the recreational/medical use of marijuana(hemp) so that the government can regulate it, tax it, put age limits on it, and create millions of new jobs and a multi-billion dollar industry right here in the U.S.?”

Financial Stability: “Would you support the bill currently going through the California legislation to legalize and tax marijuana, boosting the economy and reducing drug cartel related violence?”

Jobs: “What are your plans for the failing, “War on Drugs”, thats sucking money from tax payers and putting non-violent people in prison longer than the violent criminals?”

Budget: “With over 1 out of 30 Americans controlled by the penal system, why not legalize, control, and tax marijuana to change the failed war on drugs into a money making, money saving boost to the economy? Do we really need that many victimless criminals?”

The National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws (NORML) posted an article titled: Obama ‘Open For Questions’ About The Economy — Ask Him To Support Taxing And Regulating Marijuana. They are rallying as much support as possible because “according to website, President Obama will “answer some of the most popular submissions live at WhiteHouse.gov” on Thursday morning. That means that we only have a few more hours left to contact the White House”.

I’m interested to see if this goes through. Even if it’s not weed-related, please take a moment right now to log on the WhiteHouse.gov/OpenForQuestions and vote for the questions above, as well as other topics. NORML wants you to “let the President know that millions of American voters believe that the time has come to tax and regulate marijuana.”

To check out President Obama’s reactions, tune into the online town hall will be at 11:30 AM Eastern, the voting will close at 9:30 AM.

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The Inauguration ‘Live’ On Hulu + Drinking Game

Obama Hulu Inauguration

If for some odd reason you’re unable to access a TV today…If you’re boss feels that President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration as the 44th president isn’t as important as a sales call, then here’s a solution:

According to Alley Insider, “NBC Universal (GE)  and News Corp (GE) joint venture Hulu will stream President-elect Barack Obama’s inauguration live Tuesday.” You can watch it on Hulu.com/inauguration, or feel free to watch it below on this blog.

If you’re not at work, then I suggest the official “Barack Obama Drinking Game”. The SF Weekly’s blog – The Snitch perfectly detailed out the history and rules, which are as follows:

Take a small sip of whatever you’ve got if:

  • Obama mentions his wife or family by first name;
  • He mentions Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, or Harry Reid;
  • He mentions Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, or his own numerous Kenyan relatives;
  • “Hope” or “Change” is uttered;
  • He talks about puppies.

Take a moderate sip, if:

  • He mentions John McCain or Sarah Palin (or winks);
  • He mentions some random American from a swing state who’s up shit creek health- and economics-wise;
  • He uses the terms “crisis,” “meltdown,” “Depression,” or “Ponzi”;

Drink liberally, if:

  • He connects the departure of George W. Bush with the most well-known term from his home state: “Aloha”;
  • “Allow me to express my feelings with this brief interlude of interpretive dance”;
  • He quotes Dick Cheney;
  • He quotes Cheney and follows it up by clutching his heart and shouting “Here I come, ‘Lizbeth! It’s the big one!

Go on a rampage, if:

  • Profanity is uttered;
  • Obama has the Rev. Rick Warren finish the speech for him in an act of bipartisanship;
  • He mentions that betting a dollar in Vegas that a black man would be sworn in as president in the same year the Arizona Cardinals went to the Super Bowl would make you a millionaire many times over.

Is it a lame game? yes. Will it render you useless for the rest of the day, yeah probably.

(*Remember to stop at 3pm or you pass out whichever comes first.)

Hulu Presents: Barack Obama’s Inauguration

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Hanukkah In The White House!

President George W. Bush Celebrates Hanukkah

President George W. Bush Celebrates Hanukkah (Photo By: Shealah Craighead)

Living in New York City, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the Christmas spirit. It’s very easy for Hanukkah to feel like the underdog. A lot of apartment complex and building managers will make a point to include both a menorah and a christmas tree. Besides that you would think Hanukkah’s marketing efforts were at an all time low. Adam Sandler hasn’t done a Hanukkah song in years, Dreidel hasn’t made it to a single casino yet and The History Channel keeps covering the history of Jesus and the New Testament.

You would think that Hanukkah wasn’t getting equal and proper respect in America?  WRONG!! In the White House on December 15th, President George W. Bush hosted a Hanukkah reception in which he delivered remarks during the lighting of the Menorah. (Though the holiday actually started last night, at least they tried.)

Following the lighting, President Bush had a surprise appearance for the audience, Jewish A Capella Group Kol Zimra. They put together a harmonious collection of Hanukkah classics and combined them to create the following…(watch video)

Here’s a little history lesson for you…

President George Bush was the first president to have a Hanukkah Menorah lit in the White House residence (source). He started this tradition in on December 10th, 2001. Here’s a little history as to what the US Presidents did before 2001:

  • President Jimmy Carter walked to Lafayette Park in 1979 and lit one candle or shammash (the candle used to light other candles) in the 30-foot electric silver menorah.
  • President Ronald Reagan visited the Rockville Jewish Community Center in 1983 and gave remarks following the lighting of the menorah.
  • The Synagogue Council of America gave President George H.W. Bush a menorah, which was displayed at the White House in 1989.
  • President Bush participated in a Hanukkah celebration for staff in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building in 1991 and also celebrated with children and local Jewish leaders.
  • President William Clinton lit a menorah in the Oval Office in 1997 and joined Israel’s President Ezer Weizman in lighting the first candle of Hanukkah in Jerusalem in 1998.

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