BubbleComment: Video Comments 1-2-3

Original: BubbleComment: Video Comments 1-2-3
Posted: July 15th

Well, it’s no surprise that my attention has been diverted from Video to Social Networks this week…well, sort of. This weeks article was inspired by me literally stumbling on Mashable.com

Bubble Comment“! No it’s not XXX…nor is it a Bazooka Gum rating site! Bubble Comment is fully owned and operated by kShermanStudios LLC., a privately held group located in Sausalito, CA.,
and is part of the Bubble suite of video services which include:

Bubble Guru

A subscription based video service that enables you to directly engage your web site visitors and improve web-based communications.

Bubble Testimonial

A subscription based testimonial service that eliminates all the time-consuming aspects of gathering, organizing, and posting of customer testimonials.

Bubble Joy

A free service that allows you to send richly interactive video greeting cards to all your friends and family.

Bubble Comment
A free service that enables you to share personal video comments with others on virtually any web page.

You won’t find BubbleComment advertised on kShermanStudio’s main site just yet. Simply put, it does the simple but effective task of allowing you distribute a page to a circle of contacts along with personal video recording. It’s an easy 3-step process and can’t get any easier than plugging in a VCR (unless you’re a tech-tard

…anyways, what is attractive about this product? Why would anyone take the time to do all of this when the old way of commenting works just fine for the amount of time it takes (less than 30 seconds)? Well, for one there’s no sign-in requirements No sign-in is required. Just two basic steps, and you’re done. It’s for video enthusiasts who really want to get their point across.

Give it a shot…you have nothing to lose except for your self dignity!

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Viral Video of The Day – #2

Original: Viral Video of The Day – #2
Date: July 11th

It’s Friday and there’s a lot going on in the world today, but I feel it’s necessary to forget everything and do what 85% of internet users do and watch a video. My fellow AC Lion executive, Dan Goldsmith, took the liberty of sending me this video. Take a moment to sit back and relax. This one is for all the gamers in the house!!

Quick Synopsis:Tech Support Humor at it’s finest! Sales guy complains of web-site failure as TechSupport is completely immersed in Halo-3!

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Viral Video of The Day

Original: Viral Video of The Day
Posted: July 7th

For your viewing pleasure, here’s the viral video of the day. Listen closely to the soundtrack, because according to an AlleyInsider article, the singer is 17-year old Palbasha Siddique, and besides the 4 million+ views this video has, she now ranks as part of the top 10 music downloads on Amazon.com (above Mariah Carey and Madonna):

Where the Hell is Matt? (2008) from Matthew Harding on Vimeo.

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Teen-Sex JCPenney Ad: Gawker’s Got it!

Article By: Joshua Russak (Red@aclion.com)
Original: Teen-Sex JCPenney Ad: Gawker’s Got it!
Posted: June 26th

Yes, the story is over 2 days old…and for those of you who don’t know, read the original coverage and come back to us: Ad Agency To Internet: Take Down That Teen Sex J.C. Penney Ad!Saatchi & Saatchi, J.C. Penney’s ad agency, made their apologies and placed the blame on a 3rd party. 2 days ago, they took the initiative to take it down…

…OR SO WE THOUGHT! I imagine all you simpletons ran searches on Google, YouTube and other sites…and couldn’t find it! BUT IF YOU READ THE ALLEY INSIDER ARTICLE ABOVE you would have noticed it said:

“The bigger issue: As Saatchi & Saatchi knows full well, you can’t take something off the Internet once it’s up there — if they don’t believe us, check out Wikipedia! Nick Denton’s Gawker has already served notice that it intends to host the video if YouTube pulls it — and it will have a good argument that its news value will trump anyones copyright claim at that point.”

…and they kept their end of the deal: CHECK OUT THE VIDEO HERE

I would have copied the source code to host it here, but they’ve decided to imbed it in there site leaving us “newVideoPlayer(“/jcpenney_teensex_gawker.flv”, 506, 423,””);” with no way of tracing it!

Hats off to Gawker for having the “muchachas” to host the video, and the “selfish attitude” for keeping it to themselves!

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A Rainy Day For the Weather Channel?

According to Reuters (article here), Time Warner just withdrew their bid for the Weather Channel. Time Warner Chief Financial Officer John Martin told investors last week the company would be interested in pursuing a deal but would be “extremely price disciplined and price sensitive.” It was not clear how much Time Warner had offered. [Shares of Time Warner rose more than 3 percent!]

General Electric’s NBC Universal, Blackstone Group LP and Bain Capital stepped in and made their bid for $3.5 billion for both properties (cable and web). Since it was unclear what Time Warner was willing to bid, I’m not sure if $3.5 billion is a “fair-price”.

As for the consortium…They were the only competitors and the deadline for for a new bid passed at noon ET on Friday.

As for Time Warner, this latest development leaves them free to pursue other cable networks.

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on July 29, 2008