What Are The Top Twitter Tools?


LinkedIn, Digg, Facebook, YouTube and Blogging are mainstream social media tools. On top of that list, Twitter comes in as one of the most often written about social media tools. Commonly, popular tools end up having tools built to help make them more eficient. Then tools are built to agregate those tools, and then bloggers come along and write about the “Top Tools” our there. I’ll be honest, there have been 100’s of posts claiming that they “KNOW” the top twitter tools. Unfortunately, there are 100’s of tools out there which makes it that much harder to make Tweeting a more efficient and profitable process. I have had an (@RedRussak) account for the purpose spreading the word on article, products and events. Unfortunately, I have only touched the very tip of the iceberg, but feel after I finish writing this article, that may change.

Mashable.com published an article in Fall 2007, full of 60+ Twitter tools. In Spring 2008, they published 140+ more tools, adding more to the cluttered tool list. Around the same time, TopRankBlog.com (aka: MarketingBlog.com…my “competition”), put together their own list of 5 New Twitter Tools You Should Know About.  Finally, I came across a recently updated and short list of essential twitter tools. Senior Director of Online Marketing at Folica.com, Kieran Hawe has had over 10+ years of online marketing experience, and over 2+ years of Twitter experience under the alias “@khawe“. He has tried just about every Twitter tool out there, and ove time has settled on a list of current Twitter tools he prefers to use through out his day. Coming directly from his blog Webtribution.com, here’s Kieran’s List:

  • iPhone: When i first got my iPhone I started using Twitterrific, but slowly became annoyed with its UX and functionality. I tried a couple of other apps but eventually settled on TwitterFon – which I have been using ever since.
  • BlackBerry: Since I have an iPhone the need to use my BlackBerry on a regular basis has diminished. However, the only app I have used – and would recommend – is TwitterBerry.
  • Desktop Client: I was a big fan of Twirl for a long time but eventually moved on to TweetDeck. TweetDeck has been fairly stable for me since I started using it, plus the grouping of friends and UI really can’t be beat.
  • URL Shortener: You can’t use Twitter on a regular basis and not have a preferred URL shortener – mine is Bit.ly. Bit.ly provides the basic functionality you need but with click tracking, great tool to see which of your tweets people are actually interested in.
  • Twitter Management: Since I have multiple Twitter accounts (personal, professional, etc) I use SplitTweet to manage them all – great tool to send out one Tweet to any / all accounts without logging into each one separately.
  • Page Tweet: Say you are reading something on a website that you feel your Twitter audience would appreciate / like, instead of copying the URL and title of the article I use TwitThis to automatically share the contents with my followers.
  • WordPress Plugin: I have used just about every Twitter WordPress plugin out there and have had some issue or another with all of them. The Twitter Tools plugin isn’t perfect but it does what I need (auto post to Twitter blog posts and pull in Twitter feeds) and is fairly stable.

Something that hasn’t been mentioned is that you can interface your facebook status with twitter if you want to spread the word across both networks. It works and helps drive traffic. That’s my 2 cents. I have a feeling there are going to be new twitter tool “top 10 lists” as more supportive tools are created. For now, test the Tools and follow me on Twitter @RedRussak.

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on February 20, 2009

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