Slideshare’s Smart Approach To Link Building


I recently used Slideshare software to embed Guy Kawasaki’s Twitter Power Point presentation in my article (Twitter As A Tool For Social Media) last week. Similar to the concept video monetization, you upload and share your presentations and documents on SlideShare, and in turn, you can embed those presentations on your own website. You think Slideshare would be happy with the branding and occasional traffic from your site, but they go a step further…

Slideshare’s Smart Thinking

I got 2 e-mails from them last week. The first was titled “Congratulations! Your presentation is being featured on the SlideShare homepage”. At the end of the e-mail, after signing their names, I found a PS note that read the following: “p.s. Why not blog/twitter this and let the world know about this awesome masterpiece you have created? ” — Ingenious! Make me feel awesome about making the home-page and have me blog about Slideshare. Well as you can see, it worked! But I didn’t give in that easily…

I got a 2nd e-mail last week “Congratulations! Your presentation is currently being showcased on the ‘Technology’ page on SlideShare” and to make sure I got the point they added “It’s likely to remain there for the next 16-20 hours… “. Now this got me thinking “Maybe I should blog about that?”…and before I got in another thought I noticed a new and improved PS at the bottom: “p.s. Why not blog/twitter this and let the world know about your awesome creation? This might just get you some new readers (or additional pageviews) while the spotlight is on :-).” Now the pressure is really on! And to make things better, they even threw in the “T” word (Twitter).

Well, I’ve finally gotten around to blogging about my success and wouldn’t you know, I’m no longer on the homepage. But I somehow remain on the Technology page with a healthy 425 views and a few embeds. Not bad!

The Moral of This Story…

So what did we learn today? Think outside of the box. Don’t just settle. I give Slideshare credit for feeding my ego by giving me “home-page” status. In return for that value, I gave them a few additional hits and a good review. (At least, I hope it comes off that way.) I’m not going to come up with an equation…just follow Slideshare’s example and find a way to make it work for you. Oh…and don’t forget to link to this blog post!

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on March 30, 2009

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