Microsoft Search Engine “”: Great For Porn Industry!

bada bing

I hate to say it, but the new Microsoft search engine “Bing” is absolutely stellar at aggregating and previewing XXX for the end-user. End-Result? A boom in the XXX industry! Article in, “Bing is so good at finding XXX and displaying it that Microsoft will serve all the adult-oriented content from an specific domain.”


Unlike Google, when you scroll over videos in bing, they play quick previews. No need to go directly to the site anymore. Seriously, Bing! supports XXX so much…that they even added a filter specifically for XXX. Just take a look at the image below. Turn “Safe Search” settings to “Off”…and that’s it.


Bada-Bing Bada-Boom! At this point, you will witness, in all it’s glory, – The Ultimate XXX Decision Engine!!

Bing+XXX > Google

I hate to say it, but XXX basically leads the internet as some of the top visited sites are 18+. My prediction? This will put Bing way ahead of Google. Seriously! I’m not kidding. I’m not comfortable with knowing this, but feel compelled to share it with the world. In a year from now…I’ll reflect on this moment and see if I was right or not. I was right about Michael Jackson slowing down the internet…so maybe I’ll be right about this.

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