Free Video Conversion Software (avi, mov, mp4, etc.)

Video monetization is key! This post is specifically for those individuals looking to edit their own videos. Whether you’re using Windows Movie Maker, Final Cut or Adobe Premiere Pro, it is annoying to convert files from one format to another. If you are new to the video space, this post is for you. I spent 30 minutes looking for “free” software that actually works. Hopefully you found this post in less time than that. Also, for all of you FLIP VIDEO USERS out there, you’ll notice that Adobe Premiere Pro doesn’t support the .avi file format. You need to convert your file to .mov first. So this article is especially important for you…

Question How to convert avi to mov ? Can QuickTime Player do this? Or other tools?

Answer: Yes, Quicktime can export files to .mov format, but that only works for Quicktime Pro which is $29.95. Instead of pushing you to illegally download pirated software,  you can convert avi to mov using free Oxelon Media Converter.

With windows explorer integration, drag and drop functionality and multiple file formats, this program can handle quite the load. And the best part? IT’S FREE!

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on March 11, 2009

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