Online Industry Layoffs (*UPDATE)!

I wrote an article back in the end of October on How To Track Online Industry Layoffs! My source was Techcrunch’s layoff tracker. I have updated that last post a few times already and it’s scary watching these numbers grow. TC has been promoting their “CrunchBoard” Job Board which is not bad. I’ll let you know if I find anything good. As of now:

Total Layoffs Since August 27, 2008: 266

Total Employees: 93,119

And these numbers are constantly growing. For an updated & comprehensive list Click Here. There is also another source for tracking jobs in our industry:! Jeremiah Owyang, Sr Analyst at Forrester Research Social Computing, started a post series (see archives) to recognize and congratulate folks who get promoted, move, or accept new exciting positions.

Here as interesting iChart covering day by day tracking of Industry Layoffs:

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AC Lion Newsletter: Issue #1 – Summer 2008

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Check out our 1st Newsletter for Summer 2008. Simple, fun and room to constantly add and improve….check it out:


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Summer 2008 marks an amazing year here at AC Lion, NY’s premier interactive executive search firm. Unfortunately, we can’t exactly say the same for our current Economy. Like a tidal wave, "recession rumors" swept through every newspaper headline, blog and newsletter. But through it all, our economy is holding on strong. We’ve seen these surges come and go before – with 12 years of staffing experience – it’s nothing new. We have surfed some of the biggest waves our economy threw at us and we continue to ride it to the end. 

 Have fun with some of our topics below and if you’re interested in further reading, check out our blog, Blog.AClion.


Top10 Reasons to Look For a New Job

  1. Your company is experiencing a downward spiral
  2. Your relationship with your manager is damaged beyond repair
  3. Your life situation has changed
  4. Your values are at odds with the corporate culture
  5. You’ve stopped having fun and enjoying your job
  6. Your company is ethically challenged
  7. You have behaved in ways that are considered improper
  8. You’ve burned your bridges with your coworkers
  9. Your stress level is high at work and is affecting your physical/mental health
  10. You are unchallenged…

So are you ready to start looking? We can help find you "reasons" to like your new job. Check out OUR OPEN JOBS HERE. To read the whole article: Click Here. (compliments of

AC Lion Resurfaces: Blog2.0!

Today, only about 12% of Fortune 500 corporations run a corporate
blog. Yet companies that have made a commitment—including Dell, Eastman Kodak
Co., IBM Corp., Intel Corp. and SAP—are now deep into blogging programs with
multiple weblogs, dozens of bloggers and a wealth of expertise and best
practices to share.
(Businesses Embrace Blogging)

AC LION - Online Industry Coverage Blog

For many companies, especially that larger ones, the
question isn’t "To Blog Or Not To Blog", rather how to expand current blogging
efforts and include them as an integral approach to their overall "Social Media" campaigns.

With that, AC Lion recently launched their new and improved BLOG 2.0!"Michael Martine of Remarkablogger defines
a business blog as one that supports the sales and marketing efforts of your
company". (BtoB
With the help of newly appointed Marketing Coordinator, Joshua Russak, AC Lion has re-built, re-launched and SPICED-UP their blog! Check it out for yourself and stay on top of some of the major changes in the online Interactive Marketing space. Click below to see for yourself…

5 Ways To Help "Relax" @ Work

It’s SUMMER TIME! Yet, for many individuals "Work" & "Relax" don’t seem to go together…that was until companies like GOOGLE and MICROSOFT began to implement "Fun/Relax" into their work environment. As a recruiter, one of the major questions we ask our job seekers is simply "what type of environment are you looking for?". Besides hearing I’d Like To Work From Home half of the time, I hear the word Fast-Paced and Relaxed paired together more often than not. The only way that is possible is by having the time to relax at work. 

Listed Below are 5 suggestions to finding ZEN in your workplace. Let us know if they help:

  1. Find Your Breath
  2. Get Sunlight and Wide Open Spaces
  3. Get A Good Green or White Tea
  4. Try Classical Music
  5. Just relax….

….at AC Lion, we know all about how to relax (just ask the Job Seekers who’ve been here before). To see for yourself feel free to CONTACT US HERE. Read more from the original article here.

Thank you for reading our newsletter and if you’re interested in reading more about Industry Trends, take a look at our blog, To read more about what we do,  check our website, click here.


All the best,

Alan Cutter | Founder & CEO

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