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I just had the pleasure of recently moderating the panel at Ultra Light Startups “Employment Related Business Models“. Hosted by For Your Imagination, the recent Ultra Light Startup, yet again, blew me away. I’ve attended their events since September ‘08, taking pictures and submitting post event write-ups. Here are a few of the recently covered topics:

  1. Web Analytics
  2. Revenue Model Workshop
  3. Monetization of Ads
  4. Outsourcing
  5. SEO/SEM
  6. Open Source CMS <-Popular Event!

This past month continued to bring in new faces as well as the “ULS Regulars”, and I was very surprised that a niche topic like “Employment Business Models” drew as large of a crowd as it did. Some of the topics covered included:

  • What are the most promising niches and technologies for employment-related startups?
  • Revenue-generating technology for bloggers and web publishers – job boards, services and related packages. An overview and comparison of platforms available to publishers.
  • Efficiency-enhancing technology for recruiters – social networks, requisition-sharing tools, etc. Which tools are essential for recruiters and why?
  • Innovative employment-related startups – TheLadders, Indeed, SimplyHired, JobScore, Doostang. Which niches and approaches are the most profitable and fastest growing?
  • Job search on social platforms – LinkedIn, Twitter, etc. How are these platforms changing the business of recruiting?

The reason I was picked to moderate this event was because of my background in the employment related online space. I recently co-founded  RezRedo, a vertical search engine for job experiences found in resumes. The first search engine of its kind, RezRedo is opening doors to new methods of resume writing and job related research. Prior to RezRedo, I was a recruiter at AC Lion and headed all online marketing and web related initiatives for the firm including: Blogging, Social Networking, Web Analytics, E-Mail Marketing, SEO, and exploring new advertising options. But most of this experience fails in comparison to that of the panelists:


Before the panel began, I had the opportunity to present a powerpoint presentation that helped break down the Employment Space. Take a look and see the presentation for yourself:

*Click here for a copy of the powerpoint seen in the video above.

This past month there were over 70 people listed. To get a feel for what types of entrepreneurs attend and present their ideas at this event,  take a look at some of the attendees:

Be sure to sign up for next months Ultra Light event: Monetizing Online Video. You can sign up on their website or via meetup.com.

(*If you are interested in reading more about this past event,  check out Ultralight Startups meet-up, March, 2009 by Corey Maass)

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ULS Presents: “Ultra Light Web Analytics”

The recent Ultra Light Startup, yet again, blew me away. I’ve attended their events since September ‘08, taking pictures and submitting post event write-ups (Revenue Model Workshop, Monetization of AdsOutsourcing, SEO/SEM, and the popular Open Source CMS). I had a feeling this month would draw a larger croud due to the recent article in BusinessWeek.com featuring Ultra Light Startups.

This month presented yet another relevant topic drawing one of the largest crowds in Ultra Light history: Ultra Light Web Analytics. Topics included:

  • What is Web Analytics? – definitions, terms, objectives
  • Why is analytics so critical for a startup? What insights are going to justify the time spent on analytics?
  • Most analytics resources are written towards operators of very high-traffic sites. What techniques are important to know and apply at my startup?
  • What are the free analytics tools available and what is each best for? Will I ever need to buy analytics tools?
  • Practical advice for maximizing your web analytics investment
  • Startup success stories attributable to effective use of Web Analytics

With 4 sponsors (Sun Microsystems, J.C. Neu & Associates, TheHatchery and For Your Imagination) and a large venue, this month presented its attendees with a great opportunity to comfortably network and learn. As usual, entrepreuneurs were given 60 seconds each to pitch their businesses. Besides promoting my own startup, RezRedo.com, here are 5 other noteworthy ultra lights:

  1. BabyNameWizard – Baby naming expert network w/ proprietary technology
  2. Boomerater – Online advice for Baby Boomers.
  3. Groupable – Helps groups get sponsors.
  4. ProCompare – Review of business products.
  5. The Factionist – Clothing and products for the ethically conscious.

Some of the other businesses present included: Customizable shirts, plus sized clothing, cheap/simple web design, marketing agencies, raw chocolate importers…as you can see, a highly eclectic mix! In addition to the 60 second pitches, Allen Stern of CenterNetworks and CloudContacts shared his “Ultra Light Success Stories”. The crowd looked generally pleased with his presentation and Q&A responses.

Surprisingly, the pizza arrived on time this month, and the networking/card swapping/pizza topping session lasted a good 1/2 hour. I was busy setting up my video camera and as the lights began to dim, I was ready to go.  After everybone found their seats, moderator Maisha Walker (President of MessageMedium and Inc.com Columnist) gave a quick powerpoint presenation covering the backgound of web analytics and introduced the following panelists (2 of which were active board members of the WAA – Web Analytics Association):

I have prepared a shortened video version of the 45 minute panel and embedded it here. Check it out:

Be sure to sign up for next months Ultra Light event: Employment Related Business Models. I will have the pleasure of moderating the panel and, due to growing number of attendees, an expectadly large crowd of ultra light entrepreneurs.  I look forward to seeing you there!

(*If you are interested in reading more about this past event,  Sun Employee, Robin Goldfarb Wilensky (aka: Rockin’ Rob) also published a write-up. Check it out for more good words about Ulra Light Startups!)

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