Blogger’s Have Vacations Too…

I’m not sure if this is good blogging judgement, but I’m going to take a blog-vacation for a few days. If for some reason you need me, feel free to comment/contact me via I’ll be hitting the slopes in Utah and wish you all Happy Holidays and a Happy New Year!

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on December 25, 2008

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My Company Blog (ACLion) Hits “100 Entries”!

Hooray for me! When I first started doing marketing at AC Lion back in May ’08, building a blog was my #1 objective. They did have a blog in place on the MovableType CMS/Platform, so I decided to work with it. Before WordPress and MovableType, all I knew was Google Blogger, where I practiced HTML and CSS. I went in with little programming experience and no clue about blogs and threw together my first real corporate blog. Take a look at it:

Well today I am pleased to announce that I have posted my 100th post for my first company blog. It’s a proud moment for me. I learned a lot about blogging and I started working with WordPress and MarketingBlog.NET as a result. A lot of my earlier posts on this blog came from my corporate blog.

One thing I learned: Working with Worpdress CMS is so much easier than MovableType. Better plugins, themes and spam control. I’d write an article comparing the two, but I’ll save that for another time. For now, congratulations to me for making it this far and I have every intension of moving forward.

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on December 2, 2008

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