Use LinkedIn Applications To Drive Traffic

LinkedIn recently added several applications to its services to help users connect with their network.  One of those is WordPress,  allowing you to “connect your virtual lives with the WordPress LinkedIn Application. With the WordPress App, you can sync your WordPress blog posts with your LinkedIn profile, keeping everyone you know in the know”. (LinkedIn) Check out my LinkedIn Profile to see the WordPress App in action.

So far there are 10 applications! These applications aim to help you stay current and competitive as a busy professional. (Read the original LinkedIn Application Announcement) They have already added 1 applications since the initial launch and I imagine the list will continue to grow:

PRO’s: This is great for driving more traffic to your website. In the past, your profile allowed for only 3 “outside links” with minimal Title customization. Now with the WordPress and BlogLink app, your company can link to their blog and other RSS feeds. Another great application, Slideshare allows you to post up power-point presentations, which acts as great PR for your profile.

CON’s:It seems LinkedIn is moving into the “facebook” application craze, cluttering up profiles with applications and causing millions of users to suffer from scroll-down syndrome. Leave PacMan and Scrabulous to facebook!

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on November 17, 2008

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