Getting started with your own online affiliate program

A gambling affiliate program is a great way to make some extra money.  The best way to do this is with a website.  Affiliate marketing can be one of the easiest ways to make money online; however it can be pretty cutthroat with so many other affiliates out there. Like anything else in life there […]

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Why Internet Marketers Fail…

Internet marketing is a playground that offers everyone equal opportunities, but some are able to grab more time on the swings and slide than the rest. And it’s not just because they’re the smartest and strongest in the field, it’s also because they learn from their mistakes and are quick to never repeat them. That […]

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Did google drop the ball?

Cinco de Mayo, a joyous day. One that many look forward to as an excuse to get completely wasted…except google apparently. Google is famous for their modified logos on special days of the year. This day, however, is dead bare. Looks like takes the cake with this one. They went all out! Thanks […]

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As a follow up to Promo Code 2009, I realized it needed some updating.  For those of you who find themselves fans of (or half-naked IndyCar driver, Danica Patrick), then it’s time to save money. It’s a tough economy which means “Coupons” and “Promo Codes” are 100% necessary. Just think what you could […]

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Embrace Makes an Impact While Promoting Seat Belts (Amazing Video!)

Here’s a very good example of putting viral techniques to good use… Who? What? Why? The SSRP (Sussex Safer Roads Partnership), in South East England, is currently promoting Embrace Life, a campaign designed to remind individuals of the importance of wearing their seat belts.  Started in February 2010, it has quickly become an internet phenomenon. […]

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