“3D Dancing Baby” – The Infamous Return of A Viral Phenomenon

3d dancing baby

The  year was 1996…
AOL Instant Messenger wasn’t even invented yet…
YouTube, Facebook & Myspace didn’t exist…
E-mail was the only form of online communication…

…and some-how the video of a dancing baby went super-viral! 13 years later, and the 3D Dancing Baby is trying to make his return. With over 8.4 million views in just over a week, I’d say it’s working.

Ooga Chaka Goes Viral in 1996

The Dancing Baby aka “Baby Cha-Cha” refers to a 3D-rendered animation of a baby dancing to the song “Hooked On a Feeling”.  The video is one of the earliest examples of an Internet phenomenon (aka Viral Video). It became popular in 1996-1997 after circulating through email. Parodies were created shortly after, including a ‘drunken baby’, a ‘rasta baby’, ‘samurai baby’, and others, but none ever became as popular on the internet as the original file which still circulates. The dancing baby video and its variations appeared TV Shows,  Commercials, and music videos. David Hasselhoff did a music video cover of Hooked On a Feeling featuring the dancing baby. It too, quickly became an Internet phenomenon due to its surreal visuals, low production quality, and Hasselhoff’s celebrity status.

Evian Baby Goes Viral in 2009

An Evian commercial become a YouTube sensation…in a week! The video has racked up over 2.6 million views in a few days and is currently at 8.4+ million views and climbing! Obviously, they’re not the first ones to use the baby succesfully (ie E-Trade’s TV commercials), but we’re talking about dancing babies! Discovered a little over a week ago and garnering nearly 1,000 blog posts…this video has gone 100% Viral! For your viewing pleasure…

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  1. Stuart Noton July 10, 2009 11:25 am

    It’s kinda like the original Star Wars vs the new “super-rendered” versions that came later. Yes, they looked better, the colour was better and there was a better sense of “depth” to the cinematography… but 9/10 cats who expressed a preference still go for the original. I’ve not polled any cats, let alone 10 of them, but I’d bet that those who remember the original dancing baby will still say that one is better than the new one. Also – we all know what viral marketing is now… ouch, Soooo cynical!! (great post nonetheless!!)

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