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logoworks_newsletterIn January, I was approached by HP to write an article “Using WordPress to Grow Small Businesses” for their Logoworks Inside Small Business Blog. It was a successful article and the visitor feedback ultimately led me to start web design and marketing agency, First Time Online LLC.

Based on popular demand, I was approached to write for their newsletter, which has a distribution of about 80,000+ and contributors have seen good results from their articles.  I put together another article “Free Website Essentials 101” and this time I included more free tips to help bootstrapped start ups harness essential tasks that will define the overall success of their site. The best part is most of the listed advice could be done for free! I included a link to both my blog (MarketingBlog.NET) and (First Time Online LLC) and so far have seen strong and relevant traffic.

Thank you HP and Logoworks for the opportunity to write for your newsletter and blog!  Check out the article for yourself: Free Website Essentials 101

UPDATE: My article was recently re-posted on the blog of full service internet design firm, Taq Media. Thanks guys!

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