When Gmail Customizes Their Themes, You Better Blog About It!

I learned something new about Blogging today. I made a mistake and must learn from it. Learn from my mistake: I didn’t think to blog about “Gmail Customizable Themes” when I was given access before anyone else yesterday. I called a few friends and they all responded “How can I get it? How did you get it?” I should have know that things like that are extremely valuable in the blogging world. Just check out TechCrunch’s article Gmail Themes. That’s Totally Ninja. They openly said “Thanks for the tip Dan” to a guy who sent in a screen-shot. I bet Dan is getting huge amount of traffic for being providing TechCrunch with that tip. Hats off to you Dan!

So what did I learn about Blogging today? When something new, innovative and long awaited comes out and you’re only one of a few with access…BLOG ABOUT IT! There ya go. Learn from this event. Now for your viewing pleasure, check out my theme’s screen-shot below. I decided to go with the “Shiny” Theme:

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on November 20, 2008

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