Web2.0 Expo Badges Copy Pulver Breakfast!

Jeff Pulver & Joshua Russak

Jeff Pulver & Joshua Russak

I recently attended Pulver Breakfast and I’m about to give them a big-shout-out for “innovation”. But first, for those of you unfamiliar with Web2.0 Expo, just check it out here. I have my badge, but haven’t had the chance to do my rounds there (excited for SWAG!!). As for Jeff Pulver, I wrote an article a while back about the last time I attended his breakfast meetup, Omma Social and Pulver Breakfast: Success!. To find more information, check out the facebook group Breakfast with Jeff Pulver.

Me, Brett Petersel, and Chaim Haas

Me, Brett Petersel, and Chaim Haas

I have to admit it, the second time around, was great. I think the highlight this time around was when I met Brett Petersel, Events Director at Mashable and New York-based Social Media Consultant. He is a great example of why I attend events like these. Referrals, career advice and good-to-know’s! On the left is Chaim Haas, VP of Kaplow PR (they represent Skype and Target)…also a great source of knowledge! All in all a successfull event.

Now…This may be a long shot, but I had to get this off my chest… I am finding extreme similarities between Jeff Pulver’s Personal Social Networking Toolkit and Web2.0 Expo badges. I have no yet had a chance to upload my pictures of the badges, but note these similarities: Jeff Pulver’s badges have Your Name and Title and then an area for you to either write a TAG-Line or be TAGGED by others. You’re basically a walking billboard for yourself.

It also “just-so-happens” that the Web2.0 Expo badges have a nicer higher-end version of this, with cloth stickies that say “Blogger”, “We’re Hiring”, “Hire Me”, etc. making it easier for you to know what you’re getting into before approaching an individual. I give Jeff FULL-CREDIT for this concept and only hope he takes pleasure in knowing that they copied him.

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