Michael Phelps Pulls in $5mm in Endorsements

Michael Phelps Swimming

As usual, my Friday blogging habbits seem to lead towards a selected “Viral Video”…which leads me to my 4th “VIRAL VIDEO OF THE DAY”…but at the same time I totally got sucked into Reuters YouTube Posting covering Michael Phelps and his Marketing success.

Michael Phelps is a “Marketing Dream” to companies like Speedo, AT&T, and Visa. He earns $5mm a year in endorsements, but can expect more post-Olympics. But none of this could happen without the Marketing Magic behind Phelps, Octagon.

Want a little humor? Well, according to the Video above, VISA immediately launched a commercial congratulated Phelps on the most metals in Olympic History, yet the marketing firm behind Phelps hasn’t seemed to update their own web-site: http://www.octagon.com/worldwide-overview/athletes-and-personalities. Check it out…they still have him down for “8”. Looks like VISA was a step ahead 😉

…Now that’s some good Blogging right there! As for Phelps, have fun buddy!

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This post was written by Joshua Russak on August 16, 2008


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