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LinkedIn Fosters Business Group Engagement

David Suntin of Trending Today. Social media is ever evolving. The three principle platforms for sharing text and images are dominated by three providers: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The three are fundamentally different in their use but provide the same free-flow of information. Facebook and Twitter are largely considered social media but have integrated business applications. For instance, […]

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How to Sustain Your Online Marketing Efforts

By: Bailey Digger A recent news item caught my eye – Facebook now has over 500 million members, a figure that makes it the most populated community in both the real and virtual worlds. It is this immense popularity of the web that has made marketers tap its potential as a valuable tool in selling […]

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Candid Letter from Sales to Marketing

Below is an article from Manticore Technology, a leader in marketing automation software. To read the full, original article, go to http://www.manticoretechnology.com/qmaguide/dload-qmag-s1-jkonrath.asp.

Dear Marketing,

I know we haven’t always gotten along. In fact, I’ve been pretty critical of you over the years.

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Top 10 Customer Service Turn Offs

It takes only a few moments to demolish a customer relationship that took several years to build. The best way to retain your existing customers is by being diligent in your everyday dealings. Given below are the top 10 customer service turn offs (as researched by Global Response) and ways to turn these around to reinforce and strengthen your customer relationships.

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